Why is having beautiful handwriting essential for your child?

Whatever we say affects the person who is listening. However, did you know how we write is just as important? Like that mirror, a person’s handwriting shows who he is and what is in his heart. So likewise, writing down your thoughts and instructions shows much about who you are and how your mind works. […]

Evolution of Education

Stay at home, stay safe; it’s been a while and we are at home to stay safe. Then what? What comes after we are safe and we are told to carry on our lives the way they were, is that so easy? Are there no other issues apart from the economy of the nation? What […]

Code-a-Code – Program your future

Coding – How is it important? Tomorrow is always a new beginning in everyone’s life. No one wants to be left behind in the past. Everyone is running towards the goals in their mind, with no stops and no looking back. But are we prepared for this new era in the future? Our children, are […]