It’s high time we learn sustainability is all about doing more good than less harm to our world. When we talk about pollution and its effects on our environment over the years, we say we need to change. Change will happen; it’s inevitable, but development is a choice. A choice we need to make.  

The year 2020 showed us how we could adapt, and we did momentarily; we hardly had a choice. Now, we do. We can join hands in making this planet we call earth – our home a better place. 

Working and living for the change and development of this planet requires an assiduous consciousness of the situation. Self-questioning about the current situation and finding solutions in detail, finding the critical points on the work necessary and then working on it. 

The available technology and resources, especially innovative smart home technologies, can help in streamlining the process. The popularity of smart home devices has been increasing since they were introduced. We also find ways to blend with the new technologies in our daily lives to make our lives smarter. 

Home Automation for a Smart Home 

In simple words, one standard controlling unit for all the electrical devices used in your house. Controlling and managing devices and security systems, operating front doors, gates and garage doors, even the water pump, you name it. 

Prior requirements for Home Automation 

If you’re thinking loads of rewiring and change of switches along with many other home renovations, then it’s a NO. 

All you need is a central controlling unit—a “HUB.” This hub plays a significant role in making the whole Home Automation process effortless. This helps connect devices and go wireless, and automatically blends in with any device with any functionality. It supports all systems.  

Home Automation is   

Wireless: – This service is entirely wireless. The technology used here easily blends with other different brands and functionalities of devices. 

No switch changes: – No wires and no changes are necessary. The technology is used along with what is already available.  

No Wi-Fi required: – Yes, you got that right, no Wi-Fi either. Neither wireless nor Wi-Fi, well yes, we don’t need those; we have something better to make home smart with sensors. Yes, home automation through sensors. 

App-controlled: – A dedicated app that helps control and manage your home smartly. The app also supports various functions like scheduling and making intelligent decisions according to the surroundings. 

Expansion ability: – This portrays the app’s command of the home automation systems of the devices connected and managed through the app.  

Notifications: – The apps are responsive about the work in progress and notify through calls, reminders, alerts or messages. 

Smart Devices for Sustainability  

Automated lighting 

Changing regular light bulbs to LED light bulbs can help make a low-cost impact on everyone’s electricity bills today. LED bulbs are better because they last longer and consume less energy. Now, with these bulbs, add an app to control the lighting in your home. Yes, you can switch on or off with a single tap on the app. 

Automated Plugs  

Automated plugs can be scheduled or commanded over voice to turn on or switch off anything plugged along. Set up timers, make coffee before you wake up, make popcorn while watching a movie etc. Not only this, energy is conserved along with these automated plug notifications if forgotten to switch off. A simple way to monitor one’s life and make life smart. 

Automated water systems 

A natural resource and a very precious one at that. Increase water efficiency with automated water systems. They not only help in monitoring use but also reduce wastage and usage. Preservation of water is vital for today and tomorrow; automated systems like these preserving water are simplified. 

The world evolves with every rotation it takes, and so should we, along with it and aim for a revolution together. With technologies and the environment together make a technological revolution in upbringing sustainability. This is not only a benefit to a homemaker but also to the world we call home. Together, it makes a difference towards a sustainable and smart lifestyle.